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kath. church St. Martin
wine-festival Niederkirchen

You will have to look hard to find such a special church. It is the symbol of Niederkirchen. If you look from the Eastern Palatinate Forest over the Rhine rift, your eyes will always be drawn towards this impressive white church, which was built during the 11th century. The church’s steeple is surrounded by a lively wine community, which again is surrounded by a sea of vines. The clean appearance of the village is characterized by traditional and modern winegrowing estates and quite a few gates offer an amazing view over beautiful courtyards and old barns. Visitors who wish to take their time and go for a stroll through quiet streets and narrow alleys off the busy main road are able to discover the romantic spots of this historical village, which is more than 1300 years old. Cozy inns, some of which have their own slaughtering facilities, and quaint wine taverns offer varied cuisine. The dishes taste best with wine from Niederkirchen’s renowned appellations of Klostergarten and Schloßberg. Riesling is the predominant type of grape that is grown here. However, other types of grape grow perfectly on the loamy and sandy soils too. Even the Romans knew this and are said to have drunk their own wine in the old wine village. There is also something else for Niederkirchen to be proud of. It is the “mother” of Deidesheim, and was previously referred to as “Nieder-Deidesheim.”Today, Niederkirchen comprises about 2,000 happy residents who definitely know how to celebrate. That is why the Niederkirchen wine fest is one of the most popular events of the Palatinate wine fest season. On the last weekend of June, thousands of people come to the village and the main road is turned into a festive mile made even merrier with wine. The last new wine of Niederkirchen is usually served at the St. Martin’s Day fair in November. Throughout the entire year, Niederkirchen is also a prime address for soccer fans as the women’s team is one of the best in Germany.




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