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The Deidesheim Vacation Region – The Other Paradise

The vacation region of Deidesheim, with the wine centers of Deidesheim, Forst, Meckenheim, Niederkirchen and Ruppertsberg, is one of the sunniest regions of Germany. Almond and fruit trees are in bloom as early as March, turning hiking trails and streets into blossoming avenues. Lemon and kiwi bushes, the Fig Alley with its fig trees, and more than 5,000 Southern European plants lend the Deidesheim vacation region a special Mediterranean charm.

Great Wines

Even the names of the famous wineries and appellations sound enticing, such as Winning Winery - formerly Dr. Deinhard, Winery of Bassermann-Jordan, Winery Reichsrat von Buhl, or the “Paradiesgarten” appellation. The latter comprises private vineyards of many international statesmen, artists, and academics.

A Historic Health Resort

The climatic health resort of Deidesheim is much more than a gem of the German Wine Route. It is a unique combination of (wine) culture, love of nature, Mediterranean joie de vivre, sense of tradition and open-mindedness that make this “other paradise” so very charming. Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl made Deidesheim a historic location by inviting important guests of the state such as Michail Gorbatschow, Margaret Thatcher, John Major and the Spanish royal couple to this noble wine center.

Time to Unwind

There is a lot to discover in the vacation region of Deidesheim, which also comprises the famous wine villages of Forst, Meckenheim, Niederkirchen and Ruppertsberg. Enjoy a tour of the town through the romantic alleys of the well-known wine town of Deidesheim, or stop off at one of the quaint wine taverns. Visit one of the renowned wineries, or find the time to unwind on a walk through the Palatinate Forest and the vineyards.


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