Themed Wine Tastings at the Museum of Wine Culture

In this wine tasting, you can taste 9 wines from the most renowned appellations

Themed wine tastings at the Museum of Wine Culture
Enjoy a tasting of 8 famous wines from the most renowned wineries, in the rehearsal room of the Museum of Wine Culture in the historic town hall.

  1. Eros and Wine
    What would Adam have done, if Eva had offered him a grape, or a heavenly wine from it instead of just an apple? After all, it has been said for millennia that wine has an aphrodisiac effect. Research in the fields of pheromones and aroma proves that the alcohol in wine and the variety of aromas stir up emotions and desires beyond the limits of human consciousness. So it is quite obvious that Eros, the god of love and passion, has an easy win here.

    Date in 2009: 08.05.

  2. Wine and Religion
    Wine plays a predominant role not in Christianity and other religions. The most important supporters of wine culture during the Middle Ages were definitely the monks of the Benedictine and Cistercian orders. The names of numerous appellations in the Deidesheim region allude to the leading role of the clergy in Palatinate winegrowing.

    Date in 2009: 05.06.

  3. Wine and Health
    Even Plato knew of the healthy attributes of wine and recent medical research proves him right - wine abstainers may be seriously risking their health! So discover the healthy effects of the “King of Medicines” yourself and learn more about its use in ancient times and the latest findings of modern research.

    Date in 2009: 04.09.

  4. “…from Bockenheim to Schweigen”
    The mild climate and variety of soils in the Palatinate, which is also apparent in the names of appellations such as “Forster Pechstein” (black basalt), “Burrweiler Schäwer” (slate), and “Haardter Herrenletten” (clay), provide ideal growing conditions for wines full of character and of worldwide renown.

    Date in 2009: 02.10.

The tastings center on the dry vinified Riesling, “the King of White Wines,” and his noble white and red vassals.

Entry fee: €17
Start: 20.00
Please call Tourist Information for booking (Tel. +49 (0)6326/96770)



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