The Foundation

The “Foundation for the Promotion of Literature in the Palatinate” was established in Deidesheim in 1978. It is the foundation’s purpose to give fresh impetus to literature in the Rhineland-Palatinate and other German states. The foundation is under the trusteeship of the Rhineland-Palatinate State, the German Academy of Language and Poetry, the Südwestfunk and particularly the Town of Deidesheim. The funds necessary for the activities of the foundation are raised by donations.

The respective appointment of a new tower writer, which usually takes place every other year, is an important and representative part of the sponsorship. The members of the foundation choose the new candidate. With 7,500 Euros, the “Tower Writer of Deidesheim” grant is well paid and apart from a free stay in Deidesheim for four weeks, the writer is also granted three bottles of wine a day during their time in Deidesheim. Furthermore, they are also given a special vine in the VIP-vineyard “Paradiesgarten,” whose vines have been given to prominent people from all over the world. During their stay in Deidesheim, the tower writer has to write a book on a Deidesheim- or Palatinate-related topic of his particular interest.

The tower writer also keeps office hours in their local “office,” the Tower Writer’s Tower in the Deidesheim Castle Grounds.


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