The Tower Writers

So the man of letters has finally taken quarters. He looks down at old walls and magnificent gardens in full bloom. And he thinks about what he has so joyfully just let himself in for – to be Tower Writer in Deidesheim at the German Wine Route.

One thing is clear from the first moment on. It is not the ivory tower into which the writers can withdraw here. The tower writers of Deidesheim reside, at least symbolically, in a small round tower made of Palatinate new red sandstone. This pretty building is ancient and is in the very heart of Deidesheim in the castle grounds. In fact, this is where the Tower Writer is supposed to be: in the heart of the town. Of course, the town of Deidesheim and the Palatinate win a place in the heart of the writers who have served the town as tower writers. There has been tower writing in Deidesheim since 1978. If you would prefer to use a more official name you can also call it “Foundation for the Promotion of Literature in the Palatinate.” In accordance with the foundation, the tower writers have to live in Deidesheim for four weeks, work in a “Palatinate-related” way and publish their works. In return, they are given lots of wine and, while financial recognition is quite meager, they are given the respect and affection of the residents of Deidesheim and the Palatinate.

Many renowned authors have been tower writers already. With powerful eloquence, they have subtly, cheerfully, warmly, and sometimes even ironically and critically, dealt with the region and its people in their various publications. Deidesheim, however, has inspired them all. That is why most of the tower writers have kept close relations to the Palatinate even after their 2 years in “office.” They always come back because this paradise gives wings to the Pegasus again and again.

Former Tower Writers:

  • 1978: Wolfgang Altendorf: „Wie ein Vogel im Paradiesgarten“
  • 1980: Rudolf Hagelstange: „Liebesreim auf Deidesheim“
  • 1982: Ludwig Harig: „Zum Schauen bestellt“
  • 1987: Prof. Herbert Heckmann: „Sieben Weinpredigten“
  • 1991: Walter Helmut Fritz: „Die Schlüssel sind vertauscht“
  • 1992: Manuel Thomas: no publication yet
  • 1996: Prof. Hans-Martin Gauger: no publication yet
  • 1998: André Weckmann: "Der Geist aus der Flasche und die Leichtigkeit der Zuversicht"
  • 2000: Emma Guntz: "Ein Jahr Leben"
  • 2003: Fanny Morweiser: "Deidesheimer Elegie oder wie man keinen Krimi schreibt"
  • 2006: Bernd Kohlhepp

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