The Route to the Museums of Deidesheim

The museums of Deidesheim are now much easier to find

With the German Museum of Film and Photo Technology and the Museum of Wine Culture, the wine town of Deidesheim houses two exceptional museums, which are well known throughout the country. The German Museum of Film and Photo Technology alone boasts one of the most extensive collection of film , photo , and TV-technology in Germany, with over 3,000 exhibits.
The Town of Deidesheim, the two museums and the Tourist Service GmbH Deidesheim have set up signs for both museums by the large information signs on the way into the village. Signs leading visitors “zu den Museen”, have also been set up at numerous locations in Deidesheim.

The signs are meant to direct the attention of the visitors to the worthwhile museums and guide them easily to points of interest. On top of that, visitors can even have preview the German Museum of Film and Photo Technology at . A website of the Museum of Wine Culture is under construction too.


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