Museum of Wine Culture

Museum of Wine Culture

In May 1986, the Museum of Wine Culture was opened in the historical town hall of Deidesheim, which is also known for its flight of steps.

Instead of just collecting wine-related exhibits, this museum attempts to illustrate the manifold interrelations of man and wine. Almost all areas of everyday life, be it religion, arts, science, medicine, economics or politics, are influenced diversely by wine and its culture. The exhibition’s topics are restricted neither to a certain period nor area. So the exhibition lays no particular emphasis on the past or the present. The closer surroundings are illustrated, as are the influences from Germany, Europe and other continents.

Historisches Rathaus, Am Marktplatz, Tel. +49 (0)6326/981561

Openings: (from 13.03.) Wed. – Sun., Holidays 16.00 – 18.00, closed Jan./Feb.


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