The Palatinate Forest Biosphere Reserve - Some Information

What is the meaning of “biosphere reserve”?
A biosphere reserve is the official name for an area under the protection of the state and the UNESCO program “Man and Biosphere” (MAB). Biosphere reserves are extensive and representative parts of natural and cultivated landscapes characterized by particular natural conditions and trend-setting concepts for the protection, conservation and development of the landscape.

As a United Nations organization, UNESCO’s MAB program aims at creating worldwide strategies for a careful and future-proof utilization of natural resources. It is mainly intended to develop and introduce an effective ecologic and agricultural concept which serves both nature and man. The natural and cultivated areas of the Palatinate Forest nature reserve were recognized as a biosphere reserve in 1992.

The Palatinate Forest Biosphere Reserve 

The Palatinate Forest nature reserve is one of 13 biosphere reserves in Germany. These areas represent typical parts of the different and manifold German landscapes. With an area of 179,800 hectares, the Palatinate Forest nature reserve comprises the biggest connected forest area and most multifarious and impressive new red sandstone landscape in Germany.

The main features of the nature reserve are lots of forest, rocks, vineyards and new red sandstone. More than 75 percent of the biosphere reserve is covered with forest. The Palatinate Forest nature reserve has a lot to offer. Apart from the enormous layers of sandstone rising to a height of almost 500 meters there is also the beautiful transition area of forests and vineyards on the slopes of the Haardt, featuring a great abundance of Mediterranean flora and fauna in a favorable climate.

Habitat for Animals and Plants

A large number of wild animals and plants have found a home in the biosphere reserve as it provides them with a natural habitat (biotope) that is appropriate for their species. It is one of the main tasks of environmental protection and landscape conservation to protect the variety and peculiarities of the species and to preserve their respective habitats and symbioses. The Palatinate Forest nature reserve has been cultivated and formed by man for generations. It provides an essential basis for the timber industry, forestry, agriculture, winegrowing and tourism. Furthermore, the important water reservoir and fountain of fresh air simultaneously serve as a recreational area for the entire region. The residents of the Palatinate Forest nature reserve greatly appreciate the quality of life here.

Concepts and Goals of the Biosphere Reserve

Biosphere reserves make a considerable contribution to the preservation of natural resources, the prevention of environmental pollution and the awareness of environmentally incompatible human behavior. Individual programs for the development and promotion of research, environmental observation and the creation of a common environmental sense are set up to introduce a harmonic and lasting coexistence between man and nature.

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