Winegrowers' Association

Top wines to suit your taste

The winegrowers’ association of Deidesheim has over a century of tradition behind it. As the oldest winegrowers’ association in the Palatinate, it attempts to demonstrate the cultural aspects of wine. Of course, this is best done on the spot. You are invited to see, smell, taste and feel the wines, the joie de vivre and the culinary specialties of the region. There are plenty of opportunities to familiarize yourself with the wine culture. You can, for example, participate in a wine cellar tour, which is offered each Friday from May until September at 10 AM. But there are also the Days of Wine and Arts on the first weekend after Pentecost, wine tasting sessions by arrangement, the Wine Fair in August, or the very popular visit to the “Weinparadies”. In this special “paradise” you are invited to experience wine aromas, taste wines and choose from a variety of perfect gifts and wine accessories.        

The members of the winegrowers’ association form a very close-knit community, which is responsible for the cultivation of about 165 hectares of vineyards around Deidesheim. More specifically, winery-related knowledge has been passed on by the association’s members for generations. Today, this knowledge is combined with the use of modern devices. However, environmental issues and new trends are always taken into account too. By constantly exchanging experiences and information, the winegrowers are able to optimize their ambitious and determined high-quality work in the vineyards. As a result, they are provided with healthy, top-quality grapes, which are especially useful for production of good wines.


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