The Geißbockbrunnen

An amusing illustration of the annual billy goat auction

The Geißbockbrunnen

Gernot Rumpf created the fountain that plays in front of the “Paradiesgarten” community hall in 1985. It amusingly depicts the Deidesheim billy goat auction that is greatly celebrated in historical settings on each Pentecost Tuesday. The celebration derives from an agreement on herbage in a forest of Deidesheim between the clothworker town of Lambrecht and the town fathers of Deidesheim. In order to retain this right of herbage, the town of Lambrecht had to put up a well-horned and “well-pouched” billy goat for auction in Deidesheim on each Pentecost Tuesday. The splendor of this stately he-goat can clearly be seen by its elevated position on the fountain. If you look closely, you will also see the Palatinate national animal, the Elwedritsche, in all its different forms at the fountain’s base.

The two accessible figures allude to the tradition that the billy goat is always led to Deidesheim by the youngest married couple of Lambrecht. Napoleon’s hat can also be seen at the bottom of the fountain there, a homage to the great general who once settled a conflict between Deidesheim and Lambrecht by signing a decree. Thus, it is due to him that the residents of Deidesheim and visitors of the town can still enjoy the billy goat auction today.

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