Geschichts- und Brauchtumsbrunnen

History and customs - “Fountain-Style”

Geschichts- und Brauchtumsbrunnen

The idea of creating a fountain such as this came up in 1994 during the redesign of the Königsgarten. The funds for the realization of the project were raised in 2003. The basic idea behind the fountain is to illustrate how customs and traditions interrelate with our culture. They give testimony to our past, allude to our roots and create a home identity. The fountain’s theme contributes to creating an identity and home by illustrating important stages of town development.

Major events of the older and more recent history and traditions of Deidesheim are depicted symbolically:

The central element of the fountain is the vine, which in the Occident, together with water, is considered to be a symbol of life. For Deidesheim, however, the vine symbolizes much more than plain life – it has been the central factor for the development of Deidesheim ever since. Therefore, only the vine could be the main element of a fountain, illustrating the history and traditions of Deidesheim.

The crown alludes to King Wenzel, who granted Deidesheim its town charter in 1395.

The crosier stands for Deidesheim’s affiliation to the prince diocese of Speyer for 700 years.   

The helmet symbolizes the Knight of Böhl, who established the Bürgerhospital Foundation in 1494. The foundation is still in operation.

The tricorn is part of the traditional costume of Deidesheim, which is worn by the local folk dance group. The group was established sixty years ago and ensures local traditions are maintained.

Billy Goat:
The billy goat represents the annual tribute that the town of Lambrecht has had to pay to Deidesheim since the Middle Ages in return for the right of herbage.

The suitcase alludes to the emigrants and especially to Frank J. Lyden, whose donation made the setting up of the fountain possible in the first place.
Top Hat:
The hat stands for the “Deidesheimer Kerwebuwe”, a group of men who have been responsible for the humorous opening speech of the Deidesheim Wine Fair since 1972.

The inkpot symbolizes a rather young tradition, the Tower Writing, which was set up by the Foundation for the Promotion of Literature.


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