The Events on Tuesday After Pentecost

Program of the historic billy goat auction

09.50 Departure from the town hall to the town limits with the standard-bearers, nursery- and schoolchildren, the Kolping Brass Band and the Deidesheim Town Council.

10.00 Hand-over of the billy goat and short historic play at the historic town hall:
Song: “Der Geißbock ist gekommen” (the billy goat has arrived), entry of the Municipal Court, the bridegroom hands over the documents to the sheriff, hearing of the Municipal Court, information about the afternoon events, Kolping Brass Band, setting off for a morning pint.

15.00 Concert by the Kolping Brass Band at the Marktplatz

16.00 Meeting at the Ratskeller

16.10 Marching off from the Ratskeller with standard-bearers, Kolping Brass Band, billy goat and youngest bridal couple, Küfer group, Deidesheim Folklore Group.

16.15 Program of the Auction: Kolping Brass Band, Küferschlag, Kolping Brass Band, Fassschlüpfen.
Deidesheim Folklore Group, fanfare, Municipal Court, Kolping Brass Band, mayor’s welcome with the wine queen / princess, announcement of the auctioning rules.

17.45 The highlight – The auctioning of the billy goat.

18.00 Announcement of the highest bidder, signing of the auction document, payment at the historic council hall.


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