Feel Like Celebrating

When others still do not feel like celebrating, boredom is literally taken for a ride in Deidesheim already. The traditional billy goat auction on Tuesday after Pentecost, dates back to 1404. Ever since that year, the neighboring small clothworkers’ town of Lambrecht has had to pay for the right of herbage in the Deidesheim town forests with a “well-horned and capable” billy goat. The youngest bridal couple of Lambrecht leads the billy goat to Deidesheim, where it is put up for a lively auction. Sometimes, the bids are quite high, as is also the mood of the numerous visitors who attend this historical spectacle.

The Hanselfingerhut enters the stage even earlier. For 200 years, winter has been getting cheerfully driven out of the community of Forst in the Hanselfingerhut-Play on Mid-Lent Sunday. Be prepared get some soot on your cheeks as the Hanselfingerhut gives his black kisses to random visitors. The play is rounded off with the burning of winter on the Festplatz while visitors enjoy the spring feeling and a good glass of wine at this pleasant get-together.

At each Easter, the riflemen of Ruppertsberg try to set new records. Germany’s first-of-its-kind and most famous Easter egg shoot attracts thousands of visitors to the shooting range at the edge of the forest south of Deidesheim. You shoot at targets and bull’s eye scores are awarded with colorful Easter eggs.

It is also widely known that the Palatinates are very keen on celebrating. Deidesheim is a great place for entertainment lovers right up until the year is rounded off with the renowned Christmas fair. During the six charming wine fairs of Deidesheim and its surrounding communities, visitors pour into the town to enjoy Palatinate hospitality in one of the numerous wineries and wine cellars.

The Deidesheim Wine Fair is definitely one of the most popular fairs in the region. There are several reasons for this popularity, such as the auctioning of wine curios, the parade and the Kerwebuwe. Their traditional speech is interspersed with amusing and pointed comments on recent events.

When it comes to celebrating, the neighboring communities of Deidesheim are great, too which is shown during the numerous festivities such as the Meckenheim “Gässelkerwe,” the Niederkirchen “Fest um den Wein,” the Ruppertsberg “Wine Fair” and the “Weinkerwe beim Ungeheuer” in Forst.


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