Cycle Tour Deidesheim - Southern Wine Route - Deidesheim

Cycle Tour Deidesheim – Southern Wine Route – Deidesheim

Start: Andreasbrunnen at the center of Deidesheim. Go in south towards Neustadt on the main road. After you leave Deidesheim you go towards Ruppertsberg for 100m until you take the farm track on the left, which runs parallel to the major road. Follow the green signs “Radweg” in the direction of “Neustadt”. – 0 km
Turn right at the end of the cycle path and follow the track which runs parallel to the road towards Königsbach. – 4 km
Königsbach. Go over the crossing and turn left into the next road. Then you turn right into the slight incline of Neubergstraße to Gimmeldingen. – 5 km
Gimmeldingen. Follow the signpost for Neustadt-Stadtmitte. Take the cycle path at the end of the village. – 6 km
Neustadt. Go left at the fork and then left again. When you reach the large gas station, turn right and follow the street towards Landau. Cross over the large crossing with traffic lights, uphill, past the hospital to Hambach. At the next traffic lights, you turn left and take the street towards Edenkoben. At the end of Hambach you turn right towards Didesfeld. – 8 km
Diedesfeld. Go straight on through the village. – 15 km
Maikammer. Turn right towards Edenkoben and follow the street. Turn right towards Sankt Martin. – 17 km
Sankt Martin. Turning point of the tour. You can visit the village. – 20 km
Maikammer. Go towards Neustadt. Go over the traffic light crossing at the end of the village. – 22 km
Kirrweiler. Turn left at the village center towards Speyer. – 25 km
Turn left towards Lachen-Speyerdorf at the crossing. – 28 km
Lachen-Speyerdorf. At the center of the village, you turn right behind the barracks into Hasslocher Street (Sign “Radweg”). At the end of the street, turn right towards Hassloch and take the cycle path on the left-hand side. – 35 km
Hassloch. Take the cycle path to Meckenheim, At the end of the path, go straight on past the traffic light and turn left at the next crossing towards Bad Dürkheim. Go straight on until you reach the end of the town and take the cycle path to Meckenheim again. – 35 km
Meckenheim. Take the next left towards Neustadt at the crossing. Turn right at the next traffic lights and take the left-hand cycle path at the end of the village. – 42 km
Deidesheim. Go past the gym and turn right at the supermarket. Go over the tracks and follow the Bahnhofstraße. Turn left at the end of the street and you are back at the Marktplatz with the Andreasbrunnen. – 47 km

Route: approx. 48 km
Difficulty: medium to difficult


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