Cycle Tour Deidesheim – Northern German Wine Route – Deidesheim

Start: Andreasbrunnen

At  Deidesheim station, you turn left into Steingasse, then right onto Niederkircher Straße. – 0 km
Follow the main road in Niederkirchen and go left towards Friedelsheim – 2 km
At the traffic lights in Friedelsheim turn right towards Gönnheim. – 6 km
In Gönnheim, go towards Ellerstadt. – 7 km
At the first crossing in Ellerstadt, you turn left towards Erpolzheim and take the right-hand cycle path at the end of the village. In front of the highway overpass, you cross the next intersection and head towards Freinsheim. – 10 km
Erpolzheim. After turning left, you take the road to Freinsheim on your right. At the end of the village follow the cycle path on the left. – 14 km
Freinsheim. Go past the crossing towards Dackenheim and straight on at the traffic circle towards Herxheim. A difficult 2 km ascent to Deidesheim follows. – 17 km
Herxheim. Turn left at the traffic lights towards Bad Dürkheim. – 20 km
Kallstadt. Take the left-hand cycle path at the end of the village. – 22 km
Ungstein. Follow the main road towards Neustadt. Turn right at the traffic lights. – 24 km
Bad Dürkheim. Turn left towards Neustadt/Bad Dürkheim at the traffic lights at the Salinarium. Turn right at the next traffic lights and follow the main road towards Neustadt until you reach the end of the town. There, you take the cycle path to the right. – 25 km
Wachenheim. Follow the main road and take the cycle path to Forst along the German Wine Route. – 28 km
Forst. Turn right into the village and follow the cycle path to Deidesheim. – 30 km
When you reach Deidesheim, turn left into Steingasse, cross Niederkircher Straße and you will be back at your starting point at the station in Deidesheim. – 32 km

Route: approx. 30 km
Difficulty: medium


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