Eckkopf and Heidenlöcher (about 18 km)

Circular path. Distance: about 18 km, Duration: approx. 4-5 hrs.

Hiking Tip: Heidenlöcher and Eckkopf

Route: approx. 18 km
Duration: approx. 4 – 5 hrs.
Deidesheim – Michaelskapelle, Heidenlöcher, Eckkopf, Weißer Stich, Deidesheim

The hiking trail follows several hiking signs set up by the Pfälzer-Wald-Verein. At first, you follow the red dot. At the Hatterer’s Hotel, turn left at the second street until you get to the start of the “Leinhhöhlweg” (you will see the wayside shrine “Grain” on the right). From there, take the right-hand path that leads from the “Leinhöhlweg” into the vineyards and follow the red dot in a western direction. After following the path 2/3 of the way through the vineyards, turn right (north). Turn left at the end of the trail (west) and follow it until you reach the edge of the forest (Sensental). Still following the red-dotted path to the right, you will come past the Michaelskapelle, the “Heidenlöcher” and the peak of the Kirchberg. At the peak, go west towards the Eckkopf by following the red marks and then the white marks. On top of the Eckkopf tower, you will have an impressive view over the Palatinate Forest.
On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, you can stop off at the inn at the Eckkopf tower for refreshments.

Starting at the Eckkopf, you follow the white dots until you reach the “Weiße Stich”. From there, the red-white fess will lead you in a western direction to one of the parking lots at the Rotsteig. There, you can regain your strength at the forester’s lodge and have great fun in the Kurpfalz-Park.  
Way back: Return to the “Weiße Stich” on the same path and follow the blue-yellow fess that leads you slightly to the right. In the valley, you turn sharp left onto the driveway for 30 meters until you are following the well-marked path slightly to your right. After you have reached the forest inn, you can either get to the edge of the forest along the driveway or along the creek. There, you follow the road until you reach the second paved path that cuts through the vineyards to your left. You will reach the end of this path after having passed the open-air swimming pool “Paradiesgarten” and the ring road. At the end of the path, you turn right and then left into the Friedhofweg, which leads into the Platanenweg with the Jewish cemetery. From there, you go on to the Bennstraße and back to the Hatterer’s Hotel.

You can get trail maps from the Tourist-Information.


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