A great viewpoint: The Eckkopfturm

The 25meter-tall wooden Eckkopfturm is perched on one of the highest hills of Deidesheim


At the beginning of Stefan Gillich’s mayorship, a wooden lookout tower was set up on one of the highest hills in the Deidesheim municipality. The societies of the surrounding communities were offered the opportunity to serve drinks and refreshments on weekends and holidays. This is intended to support them as the societies only have to pay a little money for the maintenance of the tower.

However, the tower didn’t even reach the age of two, as it was set alight. The new tower, made from steel and concrete has wooden paneling and, due to the fact that it has become widely known because of the fire, it is even more popular and attracts lots of visitors.

The societies are still very interested in serving refreshments there and so lots have to be drawn for the respective weekends at the beginning of each year.

The popularity of the “Stefansturm” has increased even more due to the visit of the German President Karl Carstens, who was on a hiking tour through the Eastern Palatinate. One could say that the tower has become the symbol of the Deidesheim Municipality.


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