Now this is almost certainly new to walkers: perfectly marked trails, clear scenery and, despite not being lost, it is hard to decide where to go next. So, the small group sits down at the next bench, lets its gaze and mind wander from the roofs of Deidesheim to the Odenwald.
Should they walk along the slopes of the Haardt, where the forest meets with the vineyards? Or should they enter the deep forest and walk up to one of the peaks? That’s not a bad idea as there are so many quaint huts and cozy inns along the way. Or maybe they could stroll through the vineyards and watch the winegrowers work there in their blue cooper smocks. And what about going down to Deidesheim to stop off in one of the inviting wine taverns for a decent Palatinate snack. After all, there are lot of beautiful hotels and comfy guesthouses too.
But it is only 11 o’clock! After a few minutes, they have made a decision. First, through the vineyards, then to town, then into the forest and finally back to Deidesheim. This trip is a bit longer than originally planned and that is why the walkers stay for another day or two, because the wine fair the neighboring village is starting. You can easily walk there and back by foot.
Many visitors have extended their day trips to a week in Deidesheim on the basis of such considerations. You can explore the charming surroundings on foot or on two wheels. The well-developed German Wine Route cycle track invites visitors to go on leisurely tours on their bikes – wonderful view included! On top of this, there are 90 km of clearly marked Nordic Walking trails with a direct connection to the DSV Nordic Walking Center German Wine Route.


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